Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes at Zalando – Berlin ci-cd meetup slides 2017-09-20


Slidedeck: Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes at Zalando – Berlin CI/CD meetup 2017-09-20. In late 2016, Zalando’s continuous delivery engineering team began brainstorming a new approach to build and deploy artifacts. The main goal was to improve the integration of CI/CD… Continue Reading


Minikube Service exposure w/ Loadbalancer and Ingress

Earlier this week I did a presentation at the architecture group meeting of german computer science society in Leipzig about kubernetes service exposure with load balancer and ingress on minikube . Get the slides on github: Minikube – service exposure with loadbalancer and ingress. Slides… Continue Reading


Ingress, Kubernetes, Akkahttp, Docker on Google Cloud Platform

Last years october post Akkahttp, Docker and Kubernetes using Minikube blog post describes how to work with Kubernetes on your local machine. This post is about how to run an akkahttp sample project on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Kubernetes.… Continue Reading