Integration tests with spring, junit and testng

to be tested

My former post “custom http status codes” about such a project on github was focussed on creating certain http status codes. Two not covered subjects are unit and integration tests. This post covers one approach how to create those tests… Continue Reading

Mybatis mapping configuration setting


Mybatis is a data mapping framework I recently came across. I did step by step tutorials like getting-started-with-ibatis-mybatis-annotations and mybatis-dao-example-code-tutorial . These tutorials show as well as others how to map database columns to java class members, e.g. Seeing this… Continue Reading

Continuous Integration mit Hudson auf Windows

Continuous Integration ist eher ein Thema welches nicht auf Windows zu Hause ist. Wenn man viel mit Windows arbeitet (n muss) und es auch als Testsystem nutzt, kann es Sinn machen eine Continuous Integration Umgebung mit Hudson zu installieren. Ich… Continue Reading