How to set Java Pattern Matching for switch in IntelliJ & Gradle

Pattern Matching for switch is a preview feature in Java 17. This post explains how to enable Pattern Matching for switch in IntelliJ IDE and Gradle build tool.

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    public static List<GHRepository> listRepositories(GHOrganization gitHubOrganization){
        GitHubRepository gitHubRepository = listGitHubRepositories(gitHubOrganization);
        switch (gitHubRepository) {
            case GitHubRepositorySuccess gitHubRepositorySuccess -> {
                return gitHubRepositorySuccess.ghRepositories();
            case GitHubRepositoryFailure gitHubRepositoryFailure -> {
                return Collections.emptyList();
        return Collections.emptyList();


GitHubRepository is a java sealed interface and permits two java records that implement this interface:

In order to make the code work above, you need to enable preview view in IntelliJ & Gradle.

IntelliJ IDE

Go to File -> Project Structure -> Project.

Choose 17 (Preview) language level to make IntelliJ accept the code above.


val ENABLE_PREVIEW = "--enable-preview"
tasks.withType<JavaCompile> {
tasks.test {


Add the snippet above to your build.gradle.kts build descriptor file.

Use the –enable-preview java flag to run the jar:

./gradlew clean build && java --enable-preview -jar app/build/dist/app.jar -o Sealed-Classes-Kotlin-Java

Code Repository

Find the Code Repository with all the code in

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