Talk – Zalando Code at Speed – Github Enterprise at Zalando Tech – Github Constellation Berlin – 30-11-2017

At the end of 2016, the source code engineering team at Zalando made Github Enterprise the only source code management system at @ZalandoTech. The team were able to flip the switch because voluntary adoption rate was outstanding.

In the talk at Github Constellation Berlin 2017, Rasha Malek and Lothar Schulz described how the team successfully supported the voluntary adoption and still managed around 100 new seats every month. They will talk about advantages and disadvantages of this approach and share insights about the initiatives that were triggered by Github Enterprise at @ZalandoTech. They will share challenges they were experiencing and why such an approach makes sense for a company (22+ million active customers) and tech team (2000+ members and growing) of Zalando’s size. Finally, they shared projects you may want to leverage in your organisation.

Lothar Schulz

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