Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes at Zalando – Berlin ci-cd meetup slides 2017-09-20

Slidedeck: Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes at Zalando – Berlin CI/CD meetup 2017-09-20.

In late 2016, Zalando’s continuous delivery engineering team began brainstorming a new approach to build and deploy artifacts. The main goal was to improve the integration of CI/CD in the Zalando infrastructure landscape. We started this conversation after learning from the existing CI/CD landscape based on CI masters and worker nodes deployed on the cloud. The team came up with a proposal and prototype that focuses on builds and deployments to Kubernetes.

Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes at Zalando – Berlin CI/CD meetupI described at Berlin CI/CD meetup on 2017-09-20 how the team derived ideas for the new build and deployment system with the slides above and a live demo. This focuses on concepts the new system is based on. Throughout the talk, I shared insights on how the project was started with a focus on customer centricity and shared the current state and future plans.

Kudos to vivek for the picture:

Lothar Schulz

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