Photoshop’s stemp tool source definition using ALT key on Virtualbox and Xubuntu


Photoshop does not run on linux unfortunately. That’s why I created a windows plus photoshop virtualbox machine on top of my xubuntu os for test purposes. One of the tools I often use is the stemp tools. The stemp tool require the ALT key to capture the source pixels. This does not work, because the ALT key is captured by xubuntu OS though.
There are several workarounds for ubuntu available on the web e.g. “Alt-Click problems in Ubuntu-hosted VirtualBox Windows guests”.
Unfortunately, those approaches does not work on xubuntu/xfce v 4.10.
The solution that works for me is to press the ALT and WINDOWS key together to define source pixels for the stemp tool. It took some time until I found this solution as a comment of a slightly different question.

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