Replay 200km+ mytracks tracked bike ride in google earth

Beach at Bansin
Beach at Bansin

Last week I did a bike ride from Bernau to Usedom island with some club mates. I wanted to track the ride, so I installed MyTracks on my Android phone. Tracking a ride is simple: just press the record button. Although I started with a full charged phone, the battery power was almost eaten up at the end of the ride about 8 hours later. A nice MyTracks feature is to replay the track in the google earth app on the phone. As a side effect, a kml file is exported.
I copied the kml file via bluetooth to my xubuntu machine (12.10), since there is no phone sync software available for xubuntu os. Google earth is available for xubuntu though. This how to install guide worked best for me. The last and additional step to install google earth on xubuntu was to use the repair functionality of the xubuntu software center.

Over the last days I often enjoyed replaying the great ride on google earth again and again.

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